About us

CricTalk is one of the top-leader in serving Cricket News to the Cricket fans. We aims at proving the news at bests quality and to be first.

CricTalk was started in 2020 by a single person, who wanted everyone to enjoy the taste of Cricket in the good flavor. CricTalk is a India based website.

What we do?

We proudly presenting the unbiased content to Cricket fans across the globe.

We pride ourselves on covering extensive editorial coverage of all major cricket tournaments with a commitment to get news out to you quickly.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the content with new and innovative ideas to each and every cricket fans.

We aims to become No.1 in the minds of reader’s priority for cricketing actions and News provider.

We are planning to launch a News based app for Cricket in the near future. This enables our viewers to access the Criktalk in a single click.